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General Disclaimer

All characters and properties represented are the intellectual property of their original creators and current license holders. No rights should be implied other than theirs.


DW - The Affair of the Missing Meteorite

Title: The Affair of the Missing Meteorite
Genre: Doctor Who - Eighth Doctor Adventures
Rating: PG-13
Character(s): Eighth Doctor, etc.
Words: 1454
Notes: Written for lsellersfic in this year's Eighth Doctor Adventures ficathon on henriettastreet. The prompt was: Lots of the twentieth century wasn't covered by the "caught on Earth" arc. In particular what was the Doctor up to between the end of the first world war and the start of the second? Inquiring minds want to know.

This story is set between Casualties of War and events of the early 1930s as mentioned in Eater of Wasps and The Year of Intelligent Tigers, I intend it to be closer to the latter than the former.
Special thanks goes to w0rdinista for a last minute read through.

The sun shone brightly Collapse )

WHR - An Education

Title: An Education
Genre: Witch Hunter Robin
Rating: PG-13
Character(s): Amon, Robin
Words: 732
Notes: Written for athousandwinds as a Treat in the 2008 yuletide challenge. It kind of felt good to shake the rust off and finish one of my 'in progress' works that had been hanging around my hard drive forever and a day. :)

Amon wasn't especially good at forced inactivity.Collapse )
Title: Beyond the Darkest Hour, Just Behind the Dawn
Author: MsCongeniality
Genre: Samurai Champloo
Character(s): Mugen (Sara)
Words: 1,126
Notes: This was written for in_the_blue in the 2008 yuletide challenge. I had beta support and helpful commentary from telophase and w0rdinista. The title is taken from the song 'No Regrets', lyrics by Tom Rush.

Mugen slipped off his geta.Collapse )

2008 Yuletide Recs - Part 3

Some really last minute recs before the reveal covering stories with titles beginning with the letters L and M.

4 Recs in 4 FandomsCollapse )

2008 Yuletide Recs - Part 2

My second rec post covering stories with titles beginning with the letters C - K.

I admit it, I wanted to get this in before the reveal...hopefully there's still more to come from me, though.

27 Recs in 21 FandomsCollapse )

2008 Yuletide Recs - Part 1

This year, I decided to read alphabetically by title rather than by fandom so that I wouldn't burn out on any one fandom as I went along. It's working out well, but thus far I've only made it to the Bs. :)

22 Recs in 21 FandomsCollapse )

DW: A Very Merry

Title: A Very Merry
Author: MsCongeniality
Genre: Doctor Who
Rating: PG
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones
Words: 395 for the Doctor's rambling
Notes: A quick bit of fluff written as a birthday present for marag and initially posted for her in happybdaymara. Set during Blink.

Doctor?Collapse )


DW: Intersections

Title: Intersections
Author: MsCongeniality
Genre: Doctor Who
Rating: PG-13 for drugs and alcohol
Character(s): Eighth Doctor, OCs and one Real Person I'd rather people infer than identify directly.
Words: 2,178
Notes: Written for drox as part of the Eighth Doctor Adventures ficathon on henriettastreet. She wanted 'Amnesiac!Eight in an exciting adventure with hallucinogenic substances' possibly involving the free-love sixties. What we have is...erm, not precisely an exciting adventure, but more of an almost-fairy tale set during Unnatural History but basically about Amnesiac!Eight in the free-love sixties. Hallucinogens are involved, though in perhaps a more oblique fashion than initially desired. Inspirations for this story included Harry Chapin, Investigation Discovery, and Aldous Huxley (don't ask). I apologize for the delay, but life (a.k.a. work deadlines and nasty colds) broadsided me for a bit. Extra credit and a side helping of love go to marag for last minute read-throughs before posting.

It was a slow afternoon, slower than usual, and the tables that had held the lunch rush were now neatly aligned and set.Collapse )

PD - Christmas Ravelry

Title: Christmas Ravelry
Author: MsCongeniality
Genre: Pushing Daisies
Character(s): The Narrator, Emerson Cod, Grandmother Cod
Words: 796
Notes: This was a 'treat' written for firstgold as part of the yuletide 2007 challenge and has been archived there as well. I tried to keep it simple and use the Narrator's voice to tell the whole story. I need to give special thanks to athenejen and nekare for grammar and canon betas as well as purpleallison for knitting advice. This story wouldn't be half as good without their efforts.

Emerson Cod was a complex man.Collapse )
Title: Cyberbird: Cuckoo Flies the Nest
Author: MsCongeniality
Genre: Ghost in the Shell: StandAlone Complex
Character(s): Motoko Kusanagi
Words: 1,197
Notes: This was written for toxictattoo as part of the yuletide 2007 challenge and has been archived there as well. This wasn't my first choice of story to write, but it was my final and best. I need to thank bzarcher, lostindreams25, and zurizip for support and helpful commentary and john_h_holliday (aka Denzil) for a last minute grammar beta. This story wouldn't be nearly as good without their support and advice.

The school was quiet.Collapse )